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Welcome to my recipe link page. I love to cook when I have time but with my hubby's hours, the kid's schedules and homeschooling it isn't always easy. I like quick and easy meals and enjoy things that save time. I am providing links to some of my favorite sites for bread machine recipes, Once-a-month-cooking (OAMC) and Crockpot Recipes. I also added some recipe links that I use a lot. This page will be updated frequently so please bookmark it and visit often! :o)
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Bread Machine Recipes

Fleischmann's Yeast: Our Favorite Recipes
The Kitchen Link's Bread Machine Recipes
Tony van Roon's Bread Machine Recipes
Baked Good-Bread Machine Recipes
Unofficial Global Internet Bread Recipe Archive
Bread Machine Recipe Southern American Cuisine
MasterCook Recipe: Bread Maker Recipes
Joan's Bread Machine Baking Guide
Family Favorites Bread Machine Recipes
Baker Boulanger

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Once-a-month Cooking

Frugal-Ed ~Once-a-Month Cooking Web-sites and Books
Index for MasterCook OAMC Recipes
Introduction to Freezer Meals
Cook for a Day/Eat for a Month
Quantity Cooking for the Freezer

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Metropark Recipes: Crockpot Dishes
Crockpot Recipes
Crockpot Recipes Index - Sourthern U.S. Cuisine
SOAR Crockpot Recipes
More Crockpot Recipes
Canadian Cooks - Slow Cooking
Chyrel's Kitchen
Crockpot Creations
Crockpot Recipe Collections
Culinary Cafe - Crockpot
Vegetarian Crockpot Recipes
Towanda's Recipe Room
Crockpot Recipes
Lisa's RivalŪ Crock•ette Recipes Page

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Recipe Links

Master Mixes
Meatless Recipes
Index of Effie Food Recipes
Granny's Recipe Collection
SOAR~Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
Recipe Goldmine

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This page updated May 19, 2001